Where the Rubber Meets the Road - UCSF and Kheiron partner in pioneering Center for Intelligent Imaging

Deep learning has become democratized over the past two years. Anyone with access to data, open source software and a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) can tinker and build something that works.
27 November 2019

Independent review of adult breast screening services in England

Kheiron is featured in the 2019 independent review of adult breast screening services in England by Professor Sir Mike Richards 
25 October 2019

UCSF and Kheiron Collaborate in Pioneering Center for Intelligent Imaging

UC San Francisco is launching a new center to accelerate the application of artificial intelligence (AI) technology to radiology, leveraging advanced computational techniques and industry collaborations to improve patient diagnoses and care.
14 October 2019

Kheiron Announces Series A fundraise

Kheiron raises $22 million for machine learning that helps radiologists detect cancer earlier
24 September 2019

Trusts turn to artificial intelligence to tackle staff shortage

ULHT and NUH to use AI to review scans as part of trial Trust says there is a “clear need” to mitigate national shortage of radiologists But AI will not totally replace radiologists, says consultant mammographer
23 August 2019

Kheiron launches Mia™, winner of Aunt Minnie’s ‘Best New Radiology Software’

Kheiron launches Mia™, winner of Aunt Minnie’s ‘Best New Radiology Software’
1 March 2019

Financial Times: National Health Service trials AI software to diagnose breast cancer

Kheiron’s test in England aimed at helping hospitals cope with shortage of radiologists.
17 January 2019

Silicon UK: Kheiron Begins NHS Trials For Breast Cancer Diagnosis AI

The tests, involving historic patient records in Leeds and the East Midlands, are the latest to probe the use of AI in the healthcare sector.
16 January 2019

Kheiron’s deep learning software for breast screening receives UK Government funding as part of a new artificial intelligence strategy for early-stage cancer diagnosis

Kheiron Medical Technologies, a UK SME, has been granted government funding to test its innovative breast screening software within the NHS.
26 November 2018

The Telegraph: Government funds trial of artificial intelligence to help with breast cancer screenings

Artificial Intelligence company Kheiron Medical receives funding from the U.K. government to help radiologists detect breast cancer more accurately.
13 November 2018

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