Patient & Public Involvement

Patient and public involvement sit at the heart of
everything we do at Kheiron

Mary Beth, based in the US, is part of our global partnerships team and provides
leadership for our patient and provider involvement. Through routine breast
screening, she was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer in late 2019. She
shares her journey from diagnosis through to treatment. Her story helps us
understand what it’s like to be a patient and it also provides an emotional
reminder of why we here at Kheiron are so committed to our mission.

Read Mary Beth’s blog

Learning from Liz

As a Consultant Breast Cancer Surgeon and breast cancer patient, Dr. Liz O'Riordan
is working to engage women and breast cancer patients,
screening staff and the general public.

As COVID-19 has interrupted breast-screening services,
it's important that women check their breasts frequently. Listen in as Dr. Liz O'Riordan talks through
how to conduct a self-examination.