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At Kheiron, we create Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions that really make a difference. By helping radiologists detect cancer earlier, our next-generation technology can increase chances of survival and pave the way for less invasive treatments*. All while helping radiology departments run more efficiently and manage patient care more effectively.

*Kheiron clinical study

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We’re delighted to have made the front page of The New York Times

The extensive feature details our ground-breaking work with András Vadászy and Dr. Éva Ambrózay at MaMMa Klinika in Hungary where Mia® found 13% more cancers than doctors alone: “Advancements in A.I. are beginning to deliver breakthroughs in breast cancer screening by detecting the signs that doctors miss.”


We’re doing important work with a range of pioneering organisations around the globe.

About Kheiron Medical Technologies

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Our first solution: Revolutionising mammography

Mia®, whose name comes from Mammography Intelligent Assessment, is our breakthrough AI platform for breast screening. Bringing together a suite of solutions, Mia empowers radiologists and screening services to deliver confident, accurate, timely results. Ultimately, Mia supports radiologists in making the most important breast screening decision — should this woman be called back for further testing or not?

Why breast screening?

With our first solution, we chose to focus specifically on how AI could improve breast screening programmes. Why? Because early detection is directly linked to better outcomes for women. 

The American Cancer Society (ACS) found that the five-year survival rate for women receiving an early-stage (localised) breast cancer diagnosis is 99%*. When diagnosis occurs at the regional stage, survivorship falls to 86% – and then again to 28% at the distant stage**. 

But breast screening is only the beginning. We’re currently looking ahead at how AI can revolutionise diagnostics for other types of cancer. Watch this space.

*Living with breast cancer: Statistics on survival rates by stage

**Survival Rates for Breast Cancer

Tackling the radiology workforce crisis in the UK’s National Health Service

Across the globe, radiology departments are overworked and understaffed. The good news is, AI is already helping to solve this crisis for parts of the NHS.

Learn how, in this lively, must-watch webinar.

Latest articles

Latest articles


4th January 2023

Abstract: Post-market real-world data demonstrating use of an AI system as an extra reader to augment breast cancer detection without unnecessary recalls

Purpose To demonstrate real-world post-market benefit of artificial intelligence (AI) as an extra reader in breast cancer screening (BCS). Method A commercially available AI system…

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Latest articles


4th January 2023

Abstract: Safe and effective integration of AI as supporting reader in double reading breast cancer screening

Purpose To evaluate the effectiveness and practical implications of a novel workflow of using AI as a supporting reader for the detection of breast cancer in double reading screeni…

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Latest articles


4th January 2023

Abstract: On the importance of including unconfirmed cases when assessing the effect of AI on the recall rate in breast cancer screening

Purpose To demonstrate the importance of using representative data, including unconfirmed cases (neither positive nor negative) to assess recall rate (RR) and avoid obscuring real-…

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When co-founders Peter Kecskemethy and Tobias Rijken met in 2016, they started with a question: How could AI help to detect cancer sooner, and improve the lives of patients and radiologists around the world? Discover where this spark of inspiration led them.


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