For Breast Cancer Awareness

Every October, people across the world show their support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. But awareness needs to last more than a month.

We’re honoured to share the stories of 31 people who have been affected by breast cancer. Our storytellers include patients and survivors, their spouses, children, parents and daughters, plus radiologists and oncologists. Collectively, these 31 stories convey our wish for the future of breast cancer awareness: That, working together, we can give every woman, everywhere a better fighting chance against breast cancer.

We invite you to listen to the wishes.

The videos are unscripted, told in the participant’s own words, and filmed using their own smartphones, computer screens or video conferencing.


More Wishes: Ken’s wife was fortunate that her breast cancer was diagnosed early. His wish is to spread awareness of how a routine mammogram can lead to a longer, happier life.


More Wishes: Lesley was six months overdue for her mammogram due to COVID-19. Her wish? For speedier screening mammogram results.


More Wishes: Kathy knows the difference a strong, supporting family can make. Hear why she wishes every breast cancer patient could have the same.


More Wishes: Following Kathy’s routine mammogram, the results were inconclusive. But it was the wait for further tests that caused her the most stress. Hear her wish.


More Wishes


More Wishes: Saideh’s friend didn’t realise the extent of her breast cancer until she started treatment. Saideh wishes that all women will schedule a breast exam.


More Wishes: For her wish, Ali was inspired by her two young daughters – and all the other young women who may benefit from today’s advancements in technology.

Share your wish

What’s your wish for the future of breast cancer detection and treatment? Do you have a story to share? We’d love to hear your thoughts – so please get in touch.

Giving women a better fighting chance against breast cancer

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