Our Solutions

Creating better fighting chances against cancer

When it comes to cancer detection and diagnostics, we believe AI can and will transform healthcare for the better.

Our mammography solution is a breakthrough AI platform for breast screening, empowering radiologists and screening services to deliver confident, accurate, timely results. 

But improving breast screening is only the beginning. We’re working on developing new ways to revolutionise cancer detection. We have big ambitions to give every patient, everywhere a better fighting chance against cancer.

Read about our approach below and learn more about our solutions for revolutionising mammography.

Revolutionising mammography

Mia®, whose name comes from Mammography Intelligent Assessment, is our award-winning AI platform for breast screening.

A suite of solutions, it combines expert clinical insights with the latest deep learning technology to provide critical support to screening programmes. It helps radiologists with making recall decisions by reading and automating image quality, as well as improving workflow management and scheduling for more efficient, more effective screening services.

Setting the bar higher

At Kheiron, we don’t deal in AI for AI’s sake. We create next-generation solutions that address real-world problems, by identifying areas of patient care that AI can support. Our crew consists of clinicians and patients because we want to make sure every solution we create will work alongside humans – not replace them. It’s a collaborative effort that involves cross-functional insights throughout the cancer care pathway. That’s why we call it a revolutionary AI approach.

How do we win with AI in healthcare?

Our approach keeps us on track for creating real change in healthcare. With every step we take, we’re zoning in on domain expertise, analysing data for development and testing, evolving our technology to solve real-world problems, and making sure we focus on improving our partnerships and market trust. It’s helping us build the best gates for AI adoption and the strongest moats for defence. By gaining global interest, accumulating data and constantly improving our technology, we’re leading at every level. 

New Solutions

We’re working on creating new ways to revolutionise cancer detection all the time. If you have an issue that our current solutions aren’t addressing, please get in touch. Let’s work together to give everyone, everywhere a better fighting chance against cancer.