Revolutionising Mammography

Giving every woman, everywhere a better fighting chance against breast cancer

Mia®, whose name comes from Mammography Intelligent Assessment, is our breakthrough AI platform for breast screening.

A suite of solutions, Mia empowers screening services to deliver confident, accurate, timely results through deep learning technology that works with radiologists. Why? Because we’re determined to change the game in mammography for the better – by greatly improving workflow efficiency and reducing resource burdens, while maintaining high-quality standards of care.

Browse through our solutions in radiology advancements below to see how we’re revolutionising mammography.

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Understanding the real-world power of AI

We truly believe that by harnessing the power of AI, breast screening programmes can rise up to today’s most pressing challenges and help to create a better tomorrow.

Request your copy of our eBook, ‘A better way forward for breast screening’, to understand how our solutions can help overcome key issues for women, radiologists and technologists.

Meet Mia

Mia supports radiologists in making the most critical breast-screening decision – to recall or not to recall. You can use our solution as an independent reader, a concurrent reader, and as a triage tool. Watch the video to see how Mia helps radiologists more accurately and more rapidly reach a diagnosis.

Breast screening pathway

Read and recall – Meet Mia® Reader

Mia supports radiologists in making the most critical breast-screening decision – to recall or not to recall. It’s our award-winning solution that combines the latest deep learning technology with expert clinical insights. Discover how it delivers gold-standard quality and performance with substantial workflow efficiency improvements as an independent or concurrent reader.

Case management – Meet Mia® Triage

Our triage solution works alongside radiologists by identifying and flagging suspicious cases for more accurate oversight of potential cancer cases. See how it delivers ground-breaking performance, empowering radiologists to manage their reading caseload more efficiently.


Image acquisition – Meet Mia IQ

Breast positioning issues are responsible for 47% of technical failures*. What if you could have a tool that helps to ensure you have the best diagnostic-quality images possible? Introducing: Mia IQ – our AI-enabled solution for automating image quality control, helping to ease audit preparation and identify training needs.

*Comparison of screening full-field digital mammography and digital breast tomosynthesis technical recalls

Scheduling – Meet RSViP

Across the globe, a staggering number of women missed their routine mammogram during the COVID-19 crisis, meaning that existing backlogs due to radiologist shortages and demanding workloads grew even higher. Learn about RSViPTM – our AI-enabled scheduling tool that helps you effectively manage your backlog and quickly get back up to speed, by focusing attention on women who need breast screening the most.