Meet the crew

We’re a diverse, global team that brings together everyone from machine learning experts to radiologists – all dedicated to helping the millions of people out there fighting cancer every day. 

You’ll also find plenty of people who have been directly affected by cancer in our crew – whether that’s through family and friends suffering or they’re a survivor themselves. This is a daily reminder of the importance of our work; we all want to be part of the solution. And our crew is working with some of the biggest companies in the world to develop solutions that really make a difference. Each one of us is committed to the Kheiron cause, and puts clinicians and patients at the centre of everything we do. 

Read on to learn more about who we are and why we do what we do.

First and foremost, Kheiron is here to help the radiologist so the radiologist can help the patients

Tobias Rijken
Kheiron Medical Technologies
Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Our mission

It’s a hard fact to face, but one in six people will die of cancer. And it’s equally distressing to consider that it’s responsible for about 10 million deaths per year.

At Kheiron, our mission is to give patients a better fighting chance against cancer using deep learning technology. Join us, and you will be joining a company that truly believes in working together with clinicians to bring the best outcomes to patients.

Will you join the AI revolution?

Our culture

At Kheiron, we create AI solutions that really make a difference. Our mission is serious. And our workplace is full of passionate people.

This means you can expect hard work and fast progress from our diverse crew of talented people – coming from more than 20 different countries, with hubs in London, Budapest, Amsterdam and across the US. But we also believe in having fun along the way. It’s all part of a culture that’s eager for change.

Kheiron hands World Cancer Day

Building diversity

Diversity, equality and inclusion matters.

For us, that means having a team that truly reflects the communities we serve, as well as the clinicians and patients we’re trying to help. We know that having a healthy mix of different thoughts and skills will not only drive us to develop our aims and ourselves, but it’s also essential to our future success.

As of today, we have 27 nationalities working in our organisation. Forever committed to being inclusive, we consistently score highly on our fair treatment of people from all backgrounds. And we’re seeing the same positive feedback when it comes to how much we care about everyone’s mental health wellbeing. Our gender balance is higher than the market average with 42% of our team being female. Plus, we’re training our internal team to be aware of any unconscious biases, and building our LGBTQ+ affinity group. These are just some of the ways we’ve taken steps to build a culture so that everyone, no matter their background, feels like they belong.

Meet the founders

When co-founders Peter Kecskemethy and Tobias Rijken met in 2016, they connected through a shared belief that AI, together with clinicians, can and will change healthcare for the better.

Peter and Tobias started with a question: How could AI help to detect cancer sooner, and improve the lives of patients and radiologists around the world? Then they got to work on creating a new generation of AI-enabled solutions to revolutionise the way cancer is detected, diagnosed and assessed.

The crew

Meet the crew

Annie Ng


Senior Scientist

Sarah Kerruish


Chief Strategy Officer


VP, Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs

Ben Glocker


Machine Learning Advisor

Join us

Join us on our mission to revolutionise cancer detection through the power of deep learning technology. You will be joining a company that truly believes in developing AI that works together with clinicians to bring the best outcomes to patients. If you feel the same, please read more.