Our mission is to help radiologists detect breast cancer earlier using deep learning.

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Our focus on breast screening

Our focus is breast screening

We combine novel deep learning methods and radiology insights to find malignancies in mammograms. We are the first UK company to receive a CE Mark in deep learning and radiology. 

Technology for patient safety

Technology for patient safety 

Combining radiologists' knowledge with modern machine learning enables an entirely new level of diagnostics we can use to detect cancer and improve patient outcomes. 

Responsible innovation

Proven results

According to our externally validated clinical trial results, Kheiron’s solution achieves state-of-the-art performance in breast screening support.

By radiologists for radiologists

By radiologists for radiologists

Clinical responsibility, rigor, and utility guide everything we do. We work closely with radiologists to build products that help them in real-world everyday practice. 

We can't do this alone

Addressing a workforce crisis

Radiologists are overworked and in short supply. Machine learning can play an important role in solving this problem by improving productivity and easing workloads.


We can't do this alone

We are working with patients and doctors worldwide to make sure that we deliver on our mission of detecting breast cancer earlier, so patients live longer.

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Kheiron sponsors Intelligent Health London 2020

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