Working together for better patient outcomes

When we work together, we’re stronger. That’s a firm belief of ours.

It’s why our partnerships are so important to continuing our mission to transform cancer detection – giving every patient, everywhere a better fighting chance. 

We partner with leading institutions across the globe, including healthcare providers, radiologists, and tech and development experts. Together, we’re dedicated to detecting cancers sooner to bring the best outcomes to patients.

Binding our vision and values

At Kheiron, our partnerships are vital to progressing our work. Our partners help us validate and deploy Mia® – our AI-enabled breast screening algorithm – safely into clinical practice. 

We’ve collaborated with MaMMa Klinika in Hungary and several NHS sites across the UK in one of the most ambitious mammography AI studies to date.

It will be a defining benchmark for how to best integrate new, cutting-edge AI technologies into the NHS safely and effectively.

We’re also very privileged to work with the Dutch Expert Centre for Breast Screening, the LRCB. And in North America, our partners include UCSF and Emory University, who are helping us to ensure Mia works for every woman, everywhere.

NHS and Kheiron Medical

The UK’s National Health Service is one of the most revered and respected healthcare systems in the world. Now, central to its efforts to roll out digital transformation across healthcare, it has the AI in Health and Care Award. The Accelerated Access Collaborative, the National Institute for Health Research and NHS England and Improvement are propelling the use of promising AI technologies, and giving digital innovators the opportunity to run large trials across dozens of NHS trusts to prove the effectiveness of their solutions.

Becoming a partner

We’re always looking for partners who want to help shape how these new technologies are deployed in healthcare. If that sounds like you, get in touch.