Giving every woman, everywhere a better fighting chance against breast cancer

Meet Mia®

Mia®, whose name comes from Mammography Intelligent Assessment, is our breakthrough AI platform for breast screening. A suite of solutions, Mia empowers radiologists and screening services to deliver confident, accurate and timely results to every woman, everywhere.

Discover how Mia delivers gold-standard quality and performance with substantial workflow efficiency improvements as an independent or concurrent reader.

Mia® Reader is part of our Mia® solution, which is CE marked in the EU and UK. Mia has TGA approval in Australia and Medsafe registration in New Zealand. Mia is available in the UAE and Qatar pending local registration.

Mia as an independent reader

Mia supports radiologists in making the most critical breast-screening decision – to recall or not to recall. You can use our solution as an independent reader as well as a concurrent reader. Watch the video to see how Mia helps radiologists more accurately and more rapidly reach a diagnosis.


What’s disrupting your breast screening programme?

The workforce crisis

With fewer staff and a growing shortage in radiologists, there’s more work to do for those who are trained – even though they’re already stretched, anxious, and on the verge of burning out.

Radiologist fatigue and burnout

Higher workloads and tackling new ways of working has led to widespread fatigue, with 61%* of US radiologists rating their anxiety levels at 7/10 or more.

The double-reading effect

The process of double reading works in theory, but it’s hard to deliver in practice without the right staff numbers on hand to carry it out. The risk? Longer waiting times for women.

Unnecessary recalls

Single reader workflows mean radiologists tend to err on the side of caution because they don’t have double reading quality. This creates higher recall rates and greater patient anxiety. Something you could do without.

* Impacts of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic on healthcare workers: A nationwide survey of United States radiologists


Delivering ground-breaking performance for radiologists, providers and women alike

With patient safety and clinical rigour at the heart of our mission, we’re making sure Mia is the best-performing AI software in breast cancer screening for everyone involved.

For Radiologists

Help radiologists increase their accuracy and confidence with a solution that’s reducing the number of missed cancers as well as lowering false positives*.

*Kheiron clinical study 

For providers

Give back control to your radiology departments by increasing standardisation, mitigating radiologist shortages and gaining immediate cost savings.

For women

Build greater trust with women by putting them at ease with more reliable cancer detection, helping your service avoid unnecessary biopsies and reduce recall anxiety.

A better fighting chance against breast cancer

Getting to know our breakthrough AI platform

We’re proud that Mia was the first AI breast screening solution to be approved as an independent reader, increasing efficiency by automating up to 45% of the reading workflow. Learn more about Mia by downloading our one-pager.

See Mia® in action

Breast screening pathway

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