Giving every woman, everywhere a better fighting chance against breast cancer

Meet Mia IQ™

Breast positioning during screening is incredibly important – but hard to always get right. Mia IQ™ is our AI-enabled breast positioning and image quality assurance tool. It retrospectively analyses breast positioning and compression, automates image quality, eases audit preparation and helps identify training needs. This can help in reducing technical recalls and delivering the high-quality images you need for accurate breast cancer detection.

Read on to discover how Mia IQ helps to ensure compliance and standardise image quality.

Mia IQ™ is registered with the FDA in the US. Mia IQ is available in the EU and UK. In-country product registrations required for other markets.

Leading the way with Mia IQ 

It’s time to start transforming services for women everywhere and join the AI revolution in breast screening. Watch this video to learn how Mia IQ works. 


What’s standing in the way of precision?

Unreliable technology

Evidence suggests that technical issues delay the diagnosis of 22% of screen-detected cancers and 35% of interval breast cancers*.

Inaccurate imaging

Poor positioning is responsible for 47%* of technical failures, which only exacerbate the backlog of mammograms. Concerned? So are we.

Unnecessary recalls

Poor image quality leads to unnecessary recalls, causing a knock-on effect for both patient outcomes and radiology departments. Plus, additional anxiety for the women themselves.

*American Journal of Roentgenology. 2017;209: 1419-1425. 10.2214/AJR.16.17522 [1]



Laying the foundation for better breast screening

Our aim is simple – to use AI to help spot cancer faster, and to improve the lives of women and radiologists around the world. Mia IQ revolutionises breast screenings by:


Reading digital mammograms and providing a detailed technical assessment of images – objectively.


Easing the administrative burden of audit preparation, so radiologists can concentrate on making critical recall decisions. 


Identifying radiographer training needs to help with continuous process improvements, ensuring compliance and standardisation.

A better fighting chance against breast cancer

Meet Mia IQ™

Our AI-enabled solution for automating image quality control helps to ease audit preparation and identify training needs. Learn more about Mia IQ by downloading our one-pager.

See Mia IQ™ in action

Breast screening pathway

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