Transforming cancer diagnostics with the power of AI

As seen in Nature Medicine and on the front page of The New York Times, we are helping doctors detect more cancers earlier

Kheiron is recognised as a world leader and has been featured in:

Named one of the biggest 7 medical breakthroughs in 2023 by ABC News, Mia is our suite of world-leading AI solutions for breast cancer screening

Mia empowers doctors and screening services to deliver confident, accurate and timely results to help find more cancers earlier.

Ultimately, Mia supports doctors in making the most important screening decision — should a woman be called back for further testing or not?

Mia could halve the number of missed cancers

Based on the results published in Nature Medicine, every year Mia could help save 2,000 lives in the UK and 40,000 in the US. And this is just the beginning.

Watch the video to hear from Barbara, a patient whose cancer was detected by Mia through our GEMINI study with NHS Grampian.

Mia has been proven in clinical practice

We have conclusive scientific evidence that we are helping doctors save lives by detecting breast cancer earlier.

In clinical practice, doctors using Mia have been able to detect 13% more cancers than without it.

Our work has been published in Nature Medicine, Nature Communications, BMC Cancer, Radiology, MDPI Cancer and the Journal of Breast Imaging.

The Kheiron Story

Coming from medical families, the co-founders of Kheiron are dedicated to supporting doctors in delivering the best outcomes for cancer patients.

When they met in 2016, they started with a question: How could AI help cancer care, and improve the lives of patients and radiologists around the world?

Watch the video to see where this spark of inspiration led them.

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