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Mia supports breast screening radiologists with the most important clinical decision: To recall or not to recall


An Independent Reader

Supports radiologists and breast screening units as an independent second reader.


High Sensitivity and Specificity

State-of-the-art performance with high sensitivity and specificity.


Regulatory Approved

European CE approved independent second reader. Regulatory process with US FDA is underway.

Mia helps deliver the quality of double reading at reduced costs


Case-Wise recall suggestion

Suggests a decision for the entire case, the same as an expert mammographer


Explanatory Regions of Interest

Relevant areas can be marked low false positive rate


Flexible workflow integration

Mia is PACS agnostic and supports assisted single reading and blinded double reading workflows.

Mia example

Dr. Jonathan James

Consultant Breast Radiologist at Nottingham Breast Institute

"Mia is a great AI product with huge potential. We are really looking forward to seeing Mia's performance on Emrad NHS mammograms."


Our partners

  • emrad
  • barco
  • icaird
  • mamma
  • leeds
  • sectra

Grants awarded


This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 837667.


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