Press release: Kheiron launches Mia™, winner of Aunt Minnie’s ‘Best New Radiology Software’

Breakthrough AI breast screening software can make call-back decisions, just like a doctor.

European Congress of Radiology, Vienna – March 1st, 2019: AI diagnostics company Kheiron Medical is today announcing the launch of Mia, a breast cancer screening solution that supports radiologists in reducing errors in breast cancer detection. Mia is the proud winner of the ‘Best New Radiology Software 2019 ’ award by Aunt Minnie Europe.

Mia, or mammography intelligent assessment, is designed to analyze standard FFDM mammograms in a breast cancer screening setting. It is the first product developed by a UK company to receive the CE mark for deep learning software in radiology.

“Breast cancer is extremely hard to detect which is why many countries mandate that every mammogram should be read by two radiologists,” says Kheiron CEO, Peter Kecskemethy.

“Mia has European regulatory approval to act as an independent second reader in double reading programmes by making the same decision that screening radiologists are required to make: to reassure a woman that her mammogram is normal or call her back for further investigation. We think this is a major breakthrough in AI diagnostics.”

Kheiron’s approach to clinical validation has set a high bar for an AI solution. The company commissioned an independent multi-centre clinical study to evaluate Mia. This study demonstrated that Mia surpassed recognised standards for single radiologist reporting accuracy. Kheiron’s focus on deep clinical rigor means that it is already launching further multi-phase clinical evaluations across the UK, Europe and US to further assess and improve performance, and evaluate the potential impact on breast screening outcomes.

It’s high level of accuracy, plus the fact that Mia has been approved as a second reader of mammograms, means that this new product could help solve the crisis facing many screening programmes caused by the shortage of breast radiologists, starting with the NHS Breast Screening Programme. Kheiron is delighted to be working closely with the UK National Health Service (NHS) supported by government funding to deploy across extensive testbeds and pilot sites both in England and Scotland. In addition, Kheiron has also received funding from the EU Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme to scale across the EU, including rolling out pilot sites in Europe in 2019.

If you are interested in applying to take part in the Mia Beta Program and helping shape the future of breast cancer screening, please contact [email protected]

Aunt Minnie