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Ground-breaking results of our second clinical study

Unprecedented scale

For the last few years, we’ve been working on one of the most ambitious studies in radiology AI.

Our clinical study of Mia – our breakthrough AI platform for breast screening – has been unprecedented in scale and rigour. 

Patient safety

We’re committed to patient safety, so we’re going beyond current regulation requirements when it comes to clinically testing our solutions.

And it’s allowed us to design generalisable AI in a multi-site, multi-hardware and multi-country trial, with more than 275,000 cases from real-world screening populations.

Safe and cost-effective

The evidence is clear – Mia is a clinically safe and cost-effective option that provides double reading quality with a single human reader. Resulting in far more efficiency for radiologists and better outcomes for patients.

Latest articles

Latest articles


8th July 2021

How AI is Transforming the Future of Breast Cancer Screening

The safe adoption of AI can benefit mammography departments as they strive to deliver on the goals of the national breast screening program….

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Latest articles


13th May 2021

Healthcare Business: The role of AI and the radiologist in achieving optimal breast positioning for cancer detection

Breast positioning during image acquisition is one of the most important yet difficult aspects of breast cancer detection….

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Latest articles


2nd July 2021

Can AI help clear the COVID-19 breast screening backlog? The impact of COVID-19 on the world of breast cancer screening has been unprecedented, with worrisome short- and long-term consequences….

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